Wicked Hangin Chads EPK

All original groove music inspired by the Vedas fronted by 3 family members who sing in multiple languages.

The Wicked Hangin Chads is a musical experiment gone awry. What started as a band made up for a home-made play has turned into a full-fledged sensory experience. Spanning a wide spectrum of musical styles from Reggae and Ska to Alternative and Psychedelic Rock the band fuses Vedic philosophy with electric groove music to tantalize the ears and energize the body. 

The Chads draw on classic influences ranging from Carlos Santana to Jimmy Cliff to Bob Marley as well as contemporary artists like John Brown’s Body and Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad. The band is fronted by three family members who sing old-school harmonies in the spirit of the I Threes. 

The band has gigged extensively since their debut at Johnny D’s in 2010 playing all over the North East in clubs, theaters, at festivals, private parties, and street fairs. In 2012 the Chads toured to Florida and back. In 2014 they were contracted to become the house band at Boston’s Barking Crab Restaurant playing four-hour shows, three nights a week from June till November. In 2015 they became summer residents at Za Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. This summer they continue at Za playing a 5 hour set every Wednesday.

The band’s lineup to date consists of Rick Chadwick - Guitar/Vocals; Celia Markey - Keys/Vocals; Cole Chadwick - Drums/Vocals; Jafar Manselle - Percussion/Djimbe; Taylor Migner - Trumpet; Hitomi Taguchi - Trumpet; Carlos Pino - Bass Guitar; Trevor Buckingham - Producer/Recordist/Sound Engineer

For booking or more information contact:

Rick Chadwick @ WickedHanginChads@gmail.com


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